My Valentine’s Day actually began at 12:38 am this morning when Rupert, our Lhasa Apso, began barking like crazy. He has a distinct growl when strangers approach and that was exactly the type of growl he was making while gazing into our family room. Yep, I was a little nervous as I peeked around the door, especially when I saw something casting a tall shadow. Imagine my joy (not) when I saw a “Happy Valentine’s Day!” balloon propped on the couch for me to find in the morning. The enjoyment and appreciation came later but not at that moment.

Brian and I just returned from seeing National Treasure. Better late than never, right? It was good, but the best part for me was spending time with the hubster (and the Cherry Coke.) He enjoys going to the theater. I enjoy watching him enjoy it. It’s been a great Valentine’s Day!

My dad took me to Two Chefs to Go for a Valentine lunch. He recently retired so we’re looking forward to spending more time together…especially in the garden this Spring.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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