Highlights from Rich Butler’s Kingdom message (Matthew 6:5-18):

  • A key applied to the wrong ignition won’t get you anywhere (you’re right, JoAnna – Ford keys DO look similar!)
  • God is not concerned with the length of prayer but the strength of prayer.
  • The Lord’s Prayer – It’s about our POSITION in prayer, not “flowery” words. We are His sons and daughters who have total access to the Father, much like JFK Jr. Because we are His sons and daughters, we can come to Him from a position of trust, freedom, purity and righteousness.
  • Unlike other religions, we pray WITH our God, not just TO Him.
  • Unforgiveness is the greatest enemy of the Church.
  • Purposes of fasting: As we deny the flesh and surrender to the Holy Spirit we will find that fasting fuels our prayers, brings deliverance/victory and revival.
  • We need to move from an ORPHAN mentality to one of SONSHIP. Our Father loves us.

After Rich’s message, David and the band led us in an amazing time of worship.

It was a memorable service to say the least. I’ll never read the Lord’s Prayer the same way ever again. Thanks Rich.

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