With our mountain vacation quickly approaching, there’s one thing you can be sure of. I’m making a list.

Although dad and I never need an excuse for lunch, we met today with a main goal in mind: to compare lists. He is, without a doubt, the mac-daddy of list making. I’ve learned a lot of great things from him over the years. Can I list just a few?

  • the value of rising early in the morning (yes, there’s value Brian and Megan!)
  • the love of gardening
  • the deep-down-kind-of-joy that comes from helping others
  • how to bait a hook (maybe this should be #1?)
  • how not to hold grudges (he’s had several opportunities but I’ve only seen extended grace)
  • how to play a mean game of Setback (cards ARE on the list!)

I don’t have enough time in one day to share the many things my dad has taught me over the years, but suffice it to say, I’m thankful that his love for list-making rubbed off on me. I have a feeling the family will be glad too come Saturday!

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