While prepping for last Sunday’s lesson on making room for God to grow in our lives (Isaiah 55:1,2), I was reminded of my time in the yard earlier that day.

I was planting a new flower bed (aka, lots o’ digging) when I found myself measuring the diameter of the hole my new plant would vacate. Why? I’ve learned the hard way that if I dig a hole just large enough to set the plant in, chances are, the roots will continue growing in a circular fashion (aka, root bound) and it would eventually choke itself out.

But, if I take the time to dig two to three times larger than the pot size and add nutrients (Natures Helper from Home Depot is the best!) I am doing so in anticipation of having a stronger, healthier plant. Preparation is the key!

In the same way, if I am anticipating God to do something in my life only He can do, I must make room for Him. I must “enlarge the place of my tent” as Isaiah puts it. That means, for me, decluttering my mind and time, keeping it open for His filling, among other things.

All too often, the “holes” that are dug are too small — the anticipation is lacking — and the willingness to sacrifice in order to prepare for larger “God moves” is sparse.

Living the Christ-follower life in a “hole” just big enough to get by is not only powerless, it’s sinful.

We love a BIG God — serve a BIG God — and live for a BIG God!

Hand me a shovel, and let’s get ‘diggin!

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