So, here’s the “challenge” proposed to the class this morning:

We’ve been studying the incredible love of Christ for the past few weeks and while it’s beneficial to learn these truths, people do not identify us as His by what we know — they identify us as His by how we love.

While reading the book above (which is AWESOME!) the idea came to mind that on the final week of the 40 Days of Love study we could meet at 10:00 am (as usual), but instead of meeting to learn more, we would go OUT and love others through serving them! This could mean lending an extra hand in the nursery, picking up trash, or delivering doughnuts to our fire men close by. It could be anything the Lord lays on their heart to do in that hour. We would have one person stay in the classroom and pray for those who are out and welcome any newcomers we might have that morning.

Because this is a new group of friends it was hard for me to read exactly what they thought about this idea/challenge, but everyone seemed on board. We’ll all be making it a matter of prayer as to where God would have us to serve in a few weeks.

One woman in our class, Amy, has a huge heart for people — I love it! On the first week we met as a class, she mentioned she was going for a job interview the following day. She found out this week that she got the job! Yea God! We praised the Lord with her this morning and she was “awarded” a Pay Day candy bar. 🙂

Now, if that’s now showing the love, I don’t know what is!

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