My friend, Melody, sparked my interest in rubber stamping years ago. At one time, I stamped cards, bookmarks, and even had a tiny business selling stamped tea bags to a local gift shop.

Although my interest in stamping has wavered over time, I can now safely say that my interest is on the upswing!

Rewind: A couple weeks ago, while visiting an out-of-town Antique Mall, Brian and I came across an amazing rubber stamping store. While there, we spotted a schweet card that had been embossed. It was amazing! The owner, Eleanor, showed us the cute little machine that made it all possible… the Cuttlebug. I was “sold”, but unfortunately my checking account didn’t agree at the time (and it helped that she had just sold her last one in stock).

Fast forward: Last night, Brian took Rupert outside for a potty break… or so I thought. He returned saying, “Look what the storm blew in to our yard last night!” Yep, it was my very own Cuttlebug! That storm can blow through my yard any time. 🙂

What a guy!

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