I love magazines. They’re my weakness. My downfall. Some of my favorites are…

  • Outreach – Top 25 Most Innovative Churches list is worth it alone. I do miss the free marker tags though!
  • Old House Journal – We have a circa 1911 house. We need all the help we can get.
  • Cottage Living – Because I’m a Becky Keyes’ wanna-be. She is crazy clueful when it comes to decorating (and so much more!)
  • Any and EVERY Gardening/Landscaping – I love to plan, create and dream! Now I just need a tiller.
  • WNC – Because one day I dream of having a weekend cabin in the mountains.
  • Saveur/Fine Cooking – Not because I CAN cook but because I WANT to cook. My tendency is to cook/eat the easiest (and quickest) meal possible. But a couple years ago, I realized how many wonderful memories I had of my grandmother’s cooking. I want to be that kind of mom and grandmother too! All the kids are coming over tonight for spiral ham, crockpot mac and cheese and hopefully a pound cake (if it turns out okay!)

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