Craig’s List, that is!

We’re always on the lookout for old bricks as we plan to incorporate them into the landscape via pathways, edging, and eventually, a side courtyard. We’ve also been checking Craig’s List from time to time for concrete pavers of the cobblestone variety.

On Friday, we found both for a bargain! The 100 year old bricks were in Due West and the pavers were located in Wellford, so the 45.00 fill-up on Thursday didn’t last very long, but both finds made it well worth the trips and labor involved.

By the way, if you’re searching for an alternative to Ebay, this is it! We put a few things (that were simply taking up space) up for sale this weekend on Craig’s List and all three things sold within a day!

A new bike, old bricks, cobblestone pavers, a little “fun money” and less clutter = a very nice weekend!

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