In last night’s study, “Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed… A Study on David” Kay Arthur, although bound by a wheelchair due to a broken foot, left few people sitting in their seats where this conference was taped. Our small group was “cheering her on” as well. Anyone who has experienced the amazing transformation of God’s grace could not have kept quiet as she spoke with power and authority on Psalm 51 and how God desires for us to stop sulking about our past (once we’ve repented) and move forward in victory by the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ! To do anything else, is basically a slap in His face as He came not only that we might experience salvation but to also walk in newness of life! As Kay Arthur shared her testimony during last night’s class, I was immediately taken back to the first time I sat under her anointed teaching beginning back in 1992, when I attended Bible study at Standing Springs, under the amazing teaching of Kay Chandler.

I was a relatively new believer at that time, still reeling from all my past regrets, sins and failures, including the fact that I had not accepted Christ until the age of 27. I had never heard of Kay Arthur, but there before me was a woman teaching the Word of God like I had never heard before. I remember thinking how she had to have been a Christ-follower her entire life to know Him as she did, and His Word. Not long into her teaching that morning, she shared her testimony — about her sins, her divorce, her remarriage, and how she had not accepted Christ until she was 29 years old. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and as I walked back to my car that morning, I could barely see the asphalt for the tears. Her testimony was so similar to mine and yet look what GOD had done! My life was changed forever.

Fast forward seventeen years — to last night. As I made my way back to the car, a fresh awareness of His grace and mercy flooded my mind and heart, and tears began to flood my eyes (is there such thing as too many tears when it comes to being joyful… or repentant?) Brian, Brandon, and Zach were immediately ushered to the forefront of my mind, as I was reminded of how each of them was a “mark of grace” upon my life. I certainly don’t deserve a husband like mine, and I’m moved every time I think of the lives our boys should be living… if it was based on how I had lived and rebelled. But that’s the jaw-dropping, mind-boggling and unexplainable grace of God. Every good thing has been a direct result of God’s faithfulness, His unending grace, mercy, forgiveness, and unfathomable love.

Kay is now in her late 70’s, which is amazing — she is still beautiful, both inwardly and outwardly. Her fervor for Christ and teaching His truths has only increased. Once again, I find myself wanting to follow in those footsteps of faithfulness.

“Our words can change the course of a life.”
Kay Arthur

If she only knew.

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