I knew today would be a “good one” when:

  • I woke up.
  • I discovered it had rained overnight. No watering the plants today!
  • Bailey Heating & Air said they would be able to come out today to fix our A/C (have I mentioned how much I hate heat?)
  • Karen Trone stopped by for a little gliding time on the back porch.
  • I remembered the kids were coming over tonight to grill out! Can’t wait.
  • Our tax incentive check finally arrived in the mail. Look out Martin’s Nursery, here I come! (Just kidding, Brian)
  • Bailey Heating & Air DID come out today as promised & fixed our A/C!! They are always quick to respond. Quite frankly, they’re my hero.
  • A small chaste tree transplanted a few weeks ago was on the brink of death – now the leaves are bright and green… and the first blossom appeared this morning! Funny how things can appear so dead on the outside and yet be so alive on the inside.

I hope your week is off to a great start as well.

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