Any time morning snow is forecast for our area, I hop out of bed anticipating a white wonderland — but rest assured, that was not my wish for this morning. Basically, I knew a light dusting of snow on the ground would translate into a light dusting of powdered sugar on my French Toast instead of a cancellation, as feared.

Our Upstate Fellowship of Christian Writers group was canceled in January due to snow, and we did not want to miss another one…or the breakfast at Coach House that precedes each meeting.

During today’s reading, I shared a poem I’d written about my grandmother’s house. When I returned home from the meeting, I learned that the closing date for her house had been moved up to today at 4:00. I suppose as I write this the house is no longer legally my grandparent’s home, but it will always be exactly that to me.

Vonda shared in her devotion five things that can steal our joy, one being ingratitude. Today you find this woman’s heart filled with gratitude for:

  • Inaccurate weather forecasts.
  • The cook at Coach House.
  • Memories that will linger for a lifetime.
  • Vonda and Edie’s leadership.
  • Amazing (and very talented) friends who just happen to write!

…and it all began with a light dusting of snow powdered sugar.

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