This morning, Brian and I headed over to Zach’s Ultimate tourney being played at Furman. While it’s always a blast watching him use his mad skills in the game, I especially enjoy watching him lead the team. He’s their biggest cheerleader (sans pom-poms — another thing I’m thankful for!) It was also fun catching up with Sarah. (She was in DC on Fall Break last weekend.) Check out a couple of photos and brief videos if you like!

The day was off to a great start.

This afternoon, Brian laid out the remaining pavers for the garden paths (what a guy!) while I prepared some for Monday night, with the caffeine assistance of a Java Chip Frap.

A few minutes ago, I returned from a prayer time that occurs every Saturday afternoon at 5:00 at Simpsonville First. It’s a time set aside for anyone to come and pray for the Sunday services as well as other needs. It was one of the most humble and sincere prayer times I’ve ever been a part of. Prayers for the Holy Spirit to reign and move in His church — for the lost to be drawn to Christ — for every teacher on Sunday to be filled with God’s Spirit and speak forth truth boldly — all these requests and more were uttered by people around the auditorium. I went there knowing no one, but returned as someone who is very thankful to be joining this church tomorrow.

As I close this post, I also notice the GA Dogs are winning with only seconds left — and the Gamecocks won today as well! And did I mention there’s a race tonight in Charlotte? Oh my. It’s a great day for the whole family. Thank You Lord!

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