My favorite and final “cool down” song is “Only You” by David Crowder. The closing lyrics of this song solidify my purpose in taking better care of myself. They go something like this:

Take my heart, I lay it down
At the feet of you whose crowned
Take my life, I’m letting go
I lift it up to You who’s throned

And I will worship You, Lord
Only You, Lord
And I will bow down before You
Only You Lord

Take my fret, take my fear
All I have, I’m leaving here
Be all my hopes, be all my dreams
You’re my delights, be my everything

And it’s just you and me here now
Only you and me here now

You should see the view
When it’s only You

When all is said and done, no matter the situation, it always comes down to the fact that it’s truly just the two of us. The personal relationship. One on one. My first love.

Back on February 2nd of this year, He and I began a new journey. I prayed for something I desperately lacked… motivation. I had no desire to eat right, to move my body, or to even care if the pounds continued to add up. That afternoon, I found myself popping in a Leslie Sansone DVD I’d had for awhile (hoping the very presence of an exercise DVD would inspire me!). I remember thinking that if I could walk even one mile it would be a start. And it was. Albeit a tiny step, God’s hands (or should I say feet?) were all over it.

Today, Brian and I are registering to walk/run in the Greenville Spinx 5K race in October.

So what made all these memories come flooding back? I was pouring over some old journals of mine from the early 90’s when a particular recording caught my eye where I’d written how I was sensing the Lord wanting me to take better care of the body He has given me.

Maybe the journey has been longer than I ever realized. Maybe He was waiting for me to take the first step. Not with the DVD, but in prayer.

“And it’s just You and me.”

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