This was one of the best anniversary and birthday weeks I’ve ever celebrated. While I’m unable to pinpoint one big thing that set these celebrations apart from other years, I am certain it is due to little things that ended up making a big impact:

  • the drizzle and cool temperatures over the weekend gave Brian and I an excuse to stay in, eat fun foods, and enjoy our favorite books together.
  • being able to crate Rupert while away from the cabin gave us great peace of mind and freed us to go places we wouldn’t normally visit because of the fluff muffin.
  • increased eating out = no cooking or cleaning (need I continue?)
  • a birthday dinner at Cracker Barrel with the kids (we missed you Brandon & Megan!)
  • unexpected birthday cards from friends I don’t see very often and little gifts dropped off on my porch.
  • Lesa’s mom, lovingly known as “BB”, sang “Happy Birthday” to me via a phone message. Her voice was lovely — but her heart? Golden!
  • phone calls, emails, and messages throughout my birthday from friends, a wonderful cousin and aunt, and parents.
  • a free Starbucks Java Chip Frap thanks to my favorite Barista! (allowing me to save my gift card from Sarah for another time!)
  • a free dessert from one of my favorite restaurants, Elegant Gourmet.
  • having a hubster take off work early to buy me flowers and a one-of-a-kind card, in addition to an awesome gift.
  • an evening escape to Cracker Barrel after church to enjoy our favorite seasonal dessert, “Double Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake”. The body doesn’t recognize calories on birthdays, right?
  • morning tea with my best friend, good conversation, and clueful gifts (she knows me well!)
  • a sweet email from my favorite 14 year old, K, who said: “I bet God made this day extra beautiful just for you, because he knows how much you love pretty, cool, fall days. Its his birthday present to you.” Talk about ending my day on a high note!

It really is the little things in life that make all the difference. 🙂

I feel very blessed.

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