I spent much of my childhood with both grandmothers, who lived only several miles apart. Both were family centered, prayer warriors, and passionate about their Lord — but each possessed unique qualities all their own.


  • quiet and more to herself, except with family, whom she served faithfully
  • enjoyed staying home
  • laid back, finding pleasure in simple things

The other…

  • outgoing, abundant energy
  • community-driven, a servant’s heart
  • outspoken, but with a smile and a “bless her heart” to polish off any sentence that may have been said in haste. (Like any good Southerner would! ha!)

Two different personalities blended to create an amazing example of the kind of grandmother I’ve always wanted to emulate…and now, I’ll have that opportunity!

Yes, it’s official — Brian and I are going to be grandparents! Sarah is due in November and we can’t imagine a greater blessing just in time for Thanksgiving.

I look forward to seeing how the Lord will create a beautiful and unique blend of grandmothering for Tammy, my dear friend (and Sarah’s mother), and myself, as we will now partner to be the best grandmother’s possible for this little one. It’s a journey we’re both looking forward to traveling together.

Ma-Ma and Grandmother would be proud.

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