After years of poring over gardening and landscaping books and magazines, and numerous sketches, we finally have a plan! (Click to enlarge)

Brian has a way of making all my dreams come true, and this drawing is no exception. He took our house plat, along with a rough sketch, and began working his magic. Everything, other than the house and buildings, is Brian’s artwork. To see our ideas in color is simply thrilling!!!

The white curved area, located behind the soon-to-come 8′ pergola (shown on the drawing), is now filled with Tea Olives, Beautyberry bushes, a crepe myrtle, and hydrangeas. Once the pergola is built, the three-tiered fountain will be moved close by. Is there anything more relaxing than the sound of trickling water? (Of course, the churning sound made by the Dunkin Donut Coolata machine comes in a close second. Have mercy!) At the time of the drawing, Brian was unsure of the plant colors, hence the white space.

Although it’s not a large gardening area, I’m trying to make the most of it by planting my favorite fragrant heirloom plants, shrubs and trees, while incorporating winding paths which will be “hidden” from certain views in the garden. Within 5-8 years, the plants should grow large enough to form the different garden rooms and I look forward to enjoying these “rooms” with my grandchildren one day.

Here’s a picture of the latest addition to the garden, Echinacia Purpurea Coconut Lime, thanks to a gift certificate to White Flower Farms.

We’ll do as much as we can through November and then enjoy a winter break, which to me, means dreaming/planning the front and side yards!

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