When WYFF announced Simpsonville had received 6.5″ of snow, there was no expression of surprise on this face. I knew we had seen more in the past 12 hours than we’d seen in years.

And, of course, it would be during those 12 hours that Brandon and Megan would be here! ha! I had hoped their short stay in NC/SC this weekend would be filled with warm temps and sunshine but instead the snow followed them here on Sunday.

We had a great time playing a new board game with all the kids yesterday after church. I think it’s called “Imagine If”. I believe it may be a Baker-worthy expenditure at some point in the near future.

Later in the afternoon, with the big flakes-a-falling, our family gathered at Cracker Barrel to spend some time with Brandon and Megan. My Mom, Steve, Dan, Dad and Sherry were also able to be there. Jeff (the boy’s dad) and his girlfriend also stopped by. It was a great time with the “extended” family. As sorry as I am that divorce is a part of the mix, I am very thankful that we can all still come together as a family. What a blessing!

We were disappointed that Zach and Sarah had to head back to NGU after dinner but we were thankful they arrived back on campus safe and sound. No doubt they would have enjoyed the homemade snow cream we made around 9:30 last night! My grandmother always told me to never use the first snow, but hey, it’s not often we ever get a second snow, so we took our chances (as we always did when the boys were growing up).

Brandon enjoyed his snow cream “as is”, while I added choco chips and Brian and Megan added raw cookie dough to theirs. It was yummy!!! Memories flooded back to when the boys were little — the making of the snow cream and the expressions on the boy’s faces when they learned there was no school the next day. Time does fly. Brian and I are definitely looking forward to enjoying snow men, snow cream and snowball fights with grandchildren one day!

It was GREAT seeing Brandon and Megan again. Although we were sad to see them go, we know they are exactly where God wants them to be right now.

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