All a vital part of our New Year’s Eve 2010.

A Journal: For the past ten years I’ve set aside time on New Year’s Eve to review the past year with the Lord — losses, gains, insights, and wisdom for the year to come.

Rod Serling: The Twilight Zone, with all its twists, turns, and quirky endings is a fave at the Baker home. The New Year’s TZ marathon is considered our final gift of the year with “Time Enough at Last” being one of the most popular episodes. In it, Burgess Meredith is the sole survivor of the H-bomb. Amidst all the destruction, he finds himself on the bottom steps of the library — paradise for the avid reader that he is. Suddenly, the silver lining begins to emerge from the rubble. Everything necessary for happiness…eyeglasses and an entire library are at his disposal until…oops! The spectacles hit the ground and the sound of glass being crunched beneath a size 9 shoe is deafening. Poor Henry, if only he’d had a Kindle with audio capability.

Arizona Steakhouse: Thanks to my Mom and her awesome hubby, Steve, we will be using their Christmas gift card for our “Twilight Marathon Date night”.

A time of soul searching with the One who knows me best and loves me the most, moments of laughter and suspense with my best friend, and eating steak with garlic mashed potatoes = our idea of a very blessed New Year’s Eve.

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