This post is a quick follow-up to this post in July:

Today was another great Sunday at FBC. People are being baptized almost every week!

Tonight, we plan to attend their “Getting to Know” dinner, not because we’re ready to jump in with both feet quite yet, but we do want to hear more about their vision as a church.

Over the summer, we visited Southside Fellowship. What we liked most about this church was Charlie’s preaching. It was powerful, to the point, and Spirit-filled. He obviously knows what he believes and preaches it without wavering.

Another church we visited was Grace Fellowship. Have mercy! This preaching team is phenomenal.

Both churches offer solid preaching/teaching and strong foundational truth, but neither offer the one thing we had decided early on would be a top priority for us: structured Bible classes on Sunday morning.

Most churches seem to offer one service on Sunday and small groups during the week. Don’t get me wrong — small groups can be an awesome tool for learning the Word, but it’s heavily dependent upon who is facilitating the group, and not all facilitators take this responsibility as seriously as our last small group leader, Steve Prout.

So, although our journey hasn’t quite come to an end, I think we are beginning to see God’s direction more clearly and we thank Him for it! He has made everything beautiful in its time. (Eccl. 3:10)

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