Because we live near the park I can:

  • see the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Dark skies, hundreds of flashlights and lots of giggling kids
  • play Frisbee golf in a matter of seconds
  • hear the sound of children practicing with their teams
  • smell the Simpsonville Farm Day (cows, horses, goats, chickens, etc.) Need I say more?
  • tolerate (I mean, enjoy) the Simpsonville Labor Day festival

Watching the carnies (is this politically correct?) set up the festival every year is pretty fascinating. Although the festival is still days away, the RV’s, platforms, and rides are already beginning to show up. I’ve often wondered what their life must be like, traveling from town to town, week after week. Unfamiliar towns and faces. Although I’ve wondered about their life, I’ve never envied it. I’m such a home body!

But watching them today reminded me of our study from Monday and the importance of staying focused on the eternal rather than the temporal. It’s not easy, is it? The temporal things in life are much louder and demanding of our time and energy. Family life, jobs, finances, physical difficulties, etc. In contrast, the eternal rarely vies for our attention. It doesn’t force its way into our life. It simply waits to be discovered and enjoyed, resulting in contentment, peace, and confidence.

Maybe I have more in common with the carnies than I realized. (No, Brian, please don’t sign me up) As a Christ follower, my mindset is to be focused on the fact that I am simply passing through. Towns and faces may not change for me every week, but like them, I know this is not my home. My real home.

I love it when the Lord “flips a switch” in my soul reminding me of what’s truly important. This week, instead of spending time wondering about them, I plan to pray for them.

“Their mind is on earthly things.
But, our citizenship is in heaven.”
Philippians 3:20

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