“Kick it up a notch!” Those were the words I sensed in my spirit a few months back when considering the aspect of discipleship in my life. I wasn’t quite sure where the Holy Spirit was leading, but as the song says “Where you go, I go.” That is my heart’s desire.

In the weeks following, the thought of mentoring a younger woman (Titus 2) kept coming to mind. However, the person did not, so I simply remained open to the idea, knowing that if it was the Spirit’s prompting, He would pull it all together. My flesh need not bother.

Since the initial promptings, a lot has happened. In all honesty, I totally forgot about it. The Holy Spirit did not.

Fast forward to today. I received an unexpected email from a young woman whom I’ve had the privilege of getting to know over the past year. The question posed to me? You guessed it! “Would you consider being my mentor?” Oh sweet Holy Spirit.

I love His timing. His leading. His comfort. His discomfort. His discipline. His wisdom. His discernment. His truth.

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