Is that cryptic enough Karen?

Teresa and I had the pleasure of hanging out with “K.T.” and friends on her 40th birthday tonight. It was great seeing faces I hadn’t seen in awhile, but it was especially nice spending a little time with the birthday girl.

I remember our first visit at CRCC almost 8 years ago when the church met at the high school. I noticed a striking woman who kept everyone on their toes and whose laughter carried throughout the building. I soon learned she was the Children’s Ministry leader at the time (her organization and people skills simply blew me away!) That was then. This is now. My respect and love for her has only grown over the years. I love the way she shoots it straight with me – holding nothing back (and I do mean nothing, but that’s another story).

There are many qualities I see in “K.T.” that I wish came more naturally for me. Here are just a few of her many wonderful attributes:

  • she has an adventurous spirit
  • she’s like the energizer bunny — her energy never seems to cease!
  • she has an insatiable hunger to grow in her relationship with Christ
  • she asks the tough questions and yet you feel comfortable enough in her presence to answer them honestly. To say she is articulate is putting it mildly
  • she has a quick (and twenty-something) smile 🙂
  • she knows how to be a good friend to many people
  • she never – and I do mean NEVER – takes a bad picture!! I guess if you’ve got it, you’ve got it… and girlfriend, you’ve got it and I doubt you’ll ever lose it!

Happy 40th “K.T.”
Love you friend!

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