Stages of life are interesting, aren’t they? Each stage eases its way through our lives, intermingled with both delight and baggage, often going unnoticed… but not today!

Random thoughts on the subject…

  • Choices made in our current stage of life will affect our future, as well as the future of our children and those we love. We desperately need to ask God for wisdom and discernment at every turn.
  • Different stages usher in new and valuable perspectives. For instance, the older we get, we may desire more time with our families, which is a good thing! And yet at the same time, we would do well to remember what our lives truly resembled at our kid’s age(s) and set our expectations accordingly. Healthy expectations = healthy family.
  • The empty-nester stage is awesome! We love our kids and are incredibly proud of them all — Brandon, Megan, Zach and Sarah (she’s definitely one of us!), but I won’t lie or apologize. I’m enjoying my time with the hubster, which in turn, always makes for a better parent, regardless of their age.
  • If we live long enough, we will resemble our childhood more than our adulthood. Now there’s something to look forward to! But I see it every time I visit my grandmother in Assisted Living. People who once lived vibrant lives now wheelchair bound and totally dependent on others. Life comes “full circle”. It’s sad in a sense, and yet there’s no doubt the stages and circles of life are uniquely and divinely designed to teach us things about ourselves and others that we wouldn’t learn otherwise.

Life. Gotta love it.

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