“No exercising!”

Do you know how long I’ve waited to hear those words?

Seriously, it wasn’t the diagnosis I’d hoped for, but until the back pain subsides, the doctor’s orders stand.

Fighting the weight battle without the option of exercising is a daunting task, but the Lord quickly put my pity party into perspective when Mrs. H, an elderly friend, ambled into the same waiting room for x-rays.

Cancer spots her bones but a smile blankets her face.

Mrs. H and I finished up at the same time, so I sat a spell with her on the park bench while waiting for her daughter to retrieve the car. She shared how she’d taken her best friend, who recently passed away, for her cancer treatments last year—and how she was now the one sitting in the same exact seat her friend once occupied.

Her eyes puddled, but her voice strengthened as she proclaimed with full assurance that God had it all under control. 

I was thankful, convicted and humbled by the unexpected but oh-so sovereign encounter I had with Mrs. H, a living breathing tower of faith.

The power of a story. God’s story.

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