How was your long weekend?

The Baker house was a fun but busy place to be this holiday weekend. Here’s a snapshot of the days:

New Year’s Eve

We finished up ham from Christmas (finally!) with homemade mac and cheese. Now if that, along with the Twilight Zone marathon, is not a way to welcome in a new year, I’m not sure what is! 🙂

New Year’s Day

We spent the majority of the day working on the “new” rooms. I’ll post pics soon! Without books, the cases look a bit bare, but I have to admit the ladder looks mighty fine with or without them. 🙂 Go Ikea!


Early on, I realized I’d forgotten to create/print our class newsletter for January. With the majority of our group having birthdays this month, it was a “to-do” I couldn’t ignore or delay, so I sped home from Starbucks (yes, I still have some $ left on my gift cards! ha…) and got to work immediately. It was not what I’d planned for that morning, but I am grateful UPS was able to print them for me in such a timely manner.


We studied Mark 6 — the feeding of 5,000. I especially appreciated verse 38 where Jesus asked the disciples, “How much food do we have?” — followed by the instruction to “Go and find out”. I think many times we sit around waiting for God to move on our behalf in a certain way, when in fact, He is waiting for us to “Go and find out” first. I plan to lose some weight this year, but if I don’t change my current habits (after my Starbucks gift card runs out, of course! ha!), the results will likely remain the same. I need to evaluate the necessary changes… and then follow through (discipline!) Those changes will bring forth a healthier body — which will help me in pursuing some things I feel the Lord has laid on my heart for 2010. In Mark 6, we saw that when the disciples did their part, God followed by doing something only He could do. His part. How exciting!

How did you spend your long weekend?


Photo by Adil Ansari on Unsplash

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