• I LOVE snow! Stillness and simplicity at its best.
  • I LOVE my hubster! He surprised me by taking off a little early on Friday (with snow falling!), picking up a pizza, and two dozen roses. Being able to enjoy a quiet evening at home was the best Valentine gift of all. Thankfully, his recording studio time was canceled for the weekend.
  • I LOVE our Sunday C4 Group! We took a break from the book of Mark to focus on the greatest LOVE of all this morning. We broke out in to five groups and searched Scripture to see how God expresses His love “language” to us. Thankfully, He is not limited to five!
  • I LOVE our church family. Immediately following C4, we headed over to the Moore’s house for a steak and baked potato lunch (thanks for the kosher salt/butter recipe, Steve P.!). And, oh, did I mention the Daytona 500 was this afternoon? We had a blast hanging out with them and cheering on our fav drivers.

Yes, indeed, love is in the air!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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