Although I still claim Michael Card’s “The Promise” as my hands-down favorite Christmas album, I am finally warming up to Andrew Peterson’s, “Behold the Lamb” as well. His lyrics remind me a lot of Michael’s in that:

  • they tell a story
  • they are Word based
  • no fluff – they are thought provoking
  • I often stop what I’m doing to take it all in
  • they are timeless – I play some of the songs year-round

I do have my favorites — “Behold the Lamb”, “Deliver Us” and “Labor of Love”.

I remember having my cage rattled a bit while listening to “Labor of Love” for the first time. You mean it wasn’t a “Silent Night”? Mary cried out in pain? (This coming from a woman who gave birth to a son who weighed a little over 10 pounds.) What was I thinking? Of course she experienced pain — just like most mother’s in labor. I doubt (as Andrew points out) there was very little, if anything, silent about that night. Andrew does a beautiful job of bringing reality to the forefront in this song — as well as many others.

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