• Having my patience pushed to the max. I go to Wallymart for $3.05/gallon gas. The car ahead of me appears to have finished filling up because (a) the driver is IN the car and (b) the motor isn’t running. Logical conclusion, right? Wrong. She’s on the phone! A couple minutes later she now has two cars behind her waiting in line. Surely she’ll get that baby cranking and out of our way asap. But wait! Her door opens and she proceeds to fumble for her credit card. She had not even begun the pumping process. What should have taken 3 minutes took almost 10 minutes. Waisting time is a huge pet peeve of mine. Moral of the story? Our time is worth more than the savings (a whole $.52) – but the grace she received was priceless.

  • A book I had pre-ordered, “The Back of the Napkin”, by Dan Roam, came today! It’s highly recommended by Seth Godin, so it has to be good, right? Dan Heath, author of “Made to Stick” (check it out on Rich’s book selections) had this to say about it: “Inspiring! It teaches you a new way of thinking in a few hours–what more could you ask from a book?” This I’ve got to read.

Some have asked when I have time to read. Being an empty-nester certainly helps. I try to read books such as “To Be Told: Know Your Story, Shape Your Future” in the evening. The heavier stuff seems to sink deeper at night, at least for me. Books purchased to help hone my communication skills are read during breaks in the day. Breakfast, lunch, waiting for appointments (or the gas pump!), sitting in the allergy clinic, etc. I always try to carry a book and pen (fountain, of course, thanks to the hubster) as my books are always marked like crazy. Now if I could just apply everything I learn! That’s the most time consuming part of it all, isn’t it? Thanks for asking!

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