Finally! After almost 4 years of waiting, my peony bloomed! I purchased it from an elderly friend, Mrs. Snow, years ago. I moved it to a sunnier location last year and here’s the fruit of my labor. Two other peonies bloomed for the first time as well! Love them! Not quite so crazy about the ants that reside within them, however.

Another picture of my future pergola site. The red roses and white picket fence are picture perfect. I look forward to seeing roses growing over them within the next year or so. We have a long list of “to do’s” around this old house — and I don’t think my pergola is near the top of the priority list. But hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

Karen Trone and I rescued these iris from a site in Simpsonville that was being torn down. I’m sure hers are blooming like crazy. Have you seen her yard? Wow.

We’re still trying to get used to the old barn without the Gulf sign. 🙂

And my prized rose of the year? It’s Rosa Mundi, which I purchased last Spring. It’s dated PRIOR to 1591 (yes, 1591!). I thought it had died last year so imagine my surprise when this bloom emerged!

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