Favorite Sounds of the Week

  • Alarm clock – reminding me it’s time to wake up for breakfast with friends
  • Our early 1900’s screen door “slamming” shut like only an old screen door can
  • “I found an old blue Mason jar you can have” (picking it up this weekend!)
  • Our kid’s footsteps coming through the door for dinner
  • The top of Special K with berries being ripped apart (I’ve not had cereal in 6 yrs!)
  • “Welcome to Starbucks. Please pull around for your total.”
  • Silence
  • The slapping of a wet paint brush, i.e. progress!
  • “I lost the bid on my latest doo-wop find on Ebay”
  • Brandon’s (our oldest son) songs on I-tunes
  • Michelin tires crunching through gravel, i.e. hubby is home from work 🙂
  • Melodic tunes created by fingertips tapping away on a new project

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