Once upon a time…the way every fairy tale begins, right?

My favorite fairy tale includes a handsome groom, a wind-blown veiled bride, children in the procession, and loved ones in attendance.

The Prince Charming in my favorite fairy tale is not son to a king of a temporal throne, but a son of the King, Who will rule and reign forever.

The children in the procession were not nieces and nephews, but sons. The bride did not wear white, but ivory. After all, this bride had unfortunately been divorced not once, but twice, by the age of 27.

The bride in my favorite fairy tale had given up on true love — the kind that perseveres, always hopes, and never fails. A true kind-of-love not only for herself, but for her two sons as well. Anyone can fall in love with another person, but to fall in love with another, their two children, with no hope of children of his own? This would require a special man like no other, a true Prince Charming.

His name was not William, but Brian. Her name was Catherine, with two sons, Brandon and Zach.

And their love? They will live happily ever after, as promised by their Bridegroom, the Author and Perfecter of their true and oh so wonderful twenty-one year old love story.

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