Here’s my spin-off from Rich’s posting today:

Google search for Cathy Baker

– Actress on “Hee-Haw” (can anyone say “Ya’ll Come!”)
– Field Hockey Player
– OB/GYN Doctor
– Senior VP for loan restructuring
– Author of “Building and Using Your Root Cellar” (now there’s an exciting read!)
– Someone who had a second near death experience; flying over downtown Seattle until another angelic being interrupted her flight and told her there had been a change of plans and she would have to return back to her life on earth (No,this was not an episode on the Twilight Zone featuring Cathy Baker from Hee-Haw)
– Co-author of the “Preparation of Proteins from Gels for Protein Microsequencing” Protocol (now we’re talking!)
– Dog owner of two Welsh Corgis (don’t tell Rupert)
– PA Lt. Governor

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