Any movie with the word “list” in it has to be good, right?

Brian and I have always enjoyed movies with lots of suspense. Within five minutes of hitting “play”, we’re already guessing how it will end.

On Sunday, we rented The List, based on the first novel by best-selling author Robert Whitlow (Fox Home Entertainment).

I think Brian will blog more on the movie itself, but one line in particular, spoken by the main character’s landlord, stood out to me. It went something like this: The children of God and the enemy’s followers have something in common. They both underestimate the power of prayer.

The actress, and her words, reminded me of a dear friend, Joan Coker, who is now with the Lord. Joan was a quiet, loving woman who could not carry on a conversation without mentioning Jesus. Her face lit up and a sweet smile would come over her face every time she mentioned His name. Much like Moses, it was obvious she had been in the presence of the Lord… and often. Joan understood the power of prayer and one can only imagine the things that were accomplished for His kingdom through the simple, heartfelt prayers spoken in her prayer closet.

Although I wouldn’t suggest this movie for children I think most adults would find it worth the $4.00 rental fee.

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