Less Desire – More Discipline
“Desire doesn’t change our destiny, discipline does.”
(Courtney R. blogged that David had read the above quote on a pastor’s FB)
I have much desire. Great desires. Meaningful desires. Godly desires. But what are desires without follow through? Useless.  
When I stand before Him, I don’t believe it will be my desires or even my good intentions He will mention. It will be my actions that matter – those truths and disciplines which I acted upon — not those which I simply received a warm fuzzy feeling from. 
We just finished watching “The Howling Man” from the Twilight Zone marathon. You may remember it. Satan is behind bars disguised as a man until he is released. As he exits the room, he begins to morph into the way most depict him… horns and all. I wish he was that easy to recognize in my daily life. The Word says he disguises himself as light — as one of us — as one of His. I wonder if he sometimes disguises himself as a godly desire…
  • to read the Word every day
  • to commune with God throughout the day
  • to study and meditate on God’s Word and His ways
  • to seek Him with all of my heart — not only the convenient corners
  • to quickly obey
  • to think before speaking
  • to care for His temple through healthy eating and exercising
  • to love and forgive when it’s easier to despise and ignore, etc.
How could this be? These are all wonderful pursuits! But if I’m not careful, my satisfaction can simply be found in those feelings the desires bring – those which make me feel good about myself, my goals, my direction, and usefulness for the kingdom – abandoning the very disciplines required for follow through and true transformation. 
Our desires, when not followed by action, can be a potent ploy of the enemy to keep us spiritually satisfied… at least in our own minds. And in the meantime? Our spiritual muscles are becoming lax, our discernment is dulling, and we are missing divine opportunities. 
I refuse to abandon God’s desires for my life this year. Upon hitting the “publish post” button, I plan to get alone with Him and make concrete plans on how He would have me follow through on some desires He has laid on my heart lately. 
Less desire, more discipline
Less noise, more quietness
Less reading, more meditating
Less busyness, more discernment
Less of me, more of Him
That is my heart’s desire. 

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