A girl can only inhale so much paint before having to take a breather…literally!

After the final slap of paint hit the wall (and okay, a few drips on the floor), I headed outside with camera in hand.

An old-timey bottlebrush bush that produces
brilliant red plumes, similar to…you guessed it!
Bottle brushes.

This rusty old metal chair rarely beckons me to sit down,
but it always solicits a smile from its favorite owner.

Chartreuse…oh, the beauty!

French lavender + a puff of wind = a delightful diversion

The charm of a white picket fence never grows old…

especially when bookended with roses.

A gargantuan rose bush infused with the scent of baby powder,
ordered from a company in Maine three years ago,
and not given much hope to survive.
Do tell.

Peonies peeking through…on the brink of blooming.
I wait in anticipation.

The first bloom of the year
from my grandmother’s rose.
Spring has officially arrived.

I’m not sure what appreciated my Wednesday wandering the most — my mind or my lungs — but there’s something to be said for stopping to smell the roses.

Where can you wander today for a little refreshment?

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