I just returned from the Christian Writer’s Den, held in Simpsonville every second Thursday of the month. A big thanks to Kim Mahaffey for the invite!

In the meetings, Vonda Skelton and Edie Melson (both published authors) encourage people to read some of their current writings to the group. One woman, whose work has been published in two previous Chicken Soup books, read additional stories she is preparing to submit very soon. I enjoyed listening to their work, as well as the thoughtful and skillful critique that followed.

Years ago, I dreamed of publishing an article in Discipleship Journal magazine (one of my favs), but unfortunately, my mastered skills at the game called “comparison” pulled out yet another win. Maybe the timing wasn’t right or maybe it just isn’t meant to be, but for now, I plan to attend the meetings, listen to the experts, and learn from them. And in doing so, I am mastering a whole new set of skills called “contentment.”

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