Being asked to teach an Easter lesson to a group of about 50 ladies in Honea Path was the last thing I ever expected, but I can honestly say that last night’s gathering will linger in my mind for years to come.

These ladies travel from surrounding areas (representing 6-8 different churches) on a regular basis to study Beth Moore studies together. They reminded me a lot of our Tuesday night group for a couple of reasons:

  • They are a hungry bunch of ladies! Not for calorie-laden food, but for the spiritually-laden kind… God’s Word. For Truth.
  • A variety of ages, backgrounds, and churches were represented.

I had no idea that some of the women had worked most of the afternoon preparing the room with covered tables, candles, and little take-home gifts. It was beautiful!

One of the older women came up to me afterwards and shared that she is legally 60% deaf. She knew from the beginning that she wouldn’t be able to hear everything I said, but she trusted that God opened her ears to the things she needed to hear. That was one of many moments that will linger in my mind.

Thanks to those of you who were praying for me. My specific prayer was that joy would overflow my mind and fill the crevices where fear would love to reside.

He did that… and so much more.

But then again, isn’t that just like Him?

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