God’s omniscience. At times it leaves me speechless and stunned. Other times, it finds me giggling like a daughter who never ceases to be amazed by her Father.

There are at least two “omni-moments” that seem to be taking place in our family right now. The one I want most to share, I can’t – at least for now, but hope to soon! In the meantime, I’ll share an “omni-moment” taking place in my life.

Several weeks prior to our unforeseen departure from CrossRoads, I found myself praying to be used outside the walls of the “church.” My request surprised and even irritated me a bit. Didn’t I have enough to do inside the “church?”

Once we began the search for a new church home, I realized it would be quite awhile before I would have another opportunity to teach an Adult Bible Class (I sure do miss everyone in the CRCC class!) After all, leaders would need to know and trust me to handle the Word accurately before allowing me to teach, as well it should be. I was at peace with the wait involved.

A couple weeks later, I read something in my devotion that prompted the specific idea to teach a Bible class in the community. OK, that was a cool thought. Now, what do I want to order today – a frappuccino or caffe latte? I’m not being flippant, just honest. Later that same morning, I read this in my “To Be Told” book: “Your dream, built on the passion of a single yes — perhaps “I love to teach the Bible” — must move you to throw the dice and let God bring up the numbers he wishes. The dream may be as simple as starting a neighborhood Bible study.” My reaction fell under the “speechless and stunned” category at that point. But it gets better. On that same day, I had lunch with a small group of friends. One woman suddenly began discussing a community Bible Class taking place in downtown Greenville. Umm… okay. I’ve never discussed anything like this before with anyone and she brings up this topic?

I wish I could tell you that I jumped on the idea and began making it a priority in prayer, but I didn’t. My “jumping-on-it” skills are a little rusty these days.

Fast forward two weeks. Last Friday, while reading my devotion, the community study came to mind again. I quickly repented for not listening (or responding) very well the first time around. Two hours later that same day, a friend said to me, “I feel funny asking this, but (another friend of mine) wanted me to ask if you would consider teaching a Bible study?” I giggled like a four-year old daughter all the way home.

Now, finally, I am making it a matter of serious prayer and would so appreciate your prayers. I have no clue as to where or when we would meet, or what book we would study. But, isn’t that the inherent joy found in all of God’s “omni-moments?” The kind of joy that doesn’t require an answer to every question, but rather, allows the One with all the answers to have all of me.

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