Easter 2008

Easter morning began with Shari Bajan, a Messianic Jew, preparing, serving, and leading the Adult Bible Study in the Passover Seder. It was simply amazing! (see pictures below) Thank you, Shari!

We couldn’t fit everyone in one picture! As you can see, children, teens and adults all participated in the celebration. We read and sang in Hebrew (okay, we attempted to read and sing in Hebrew!) It was fun, meaningful and unforgettable.

Our 1st-5th graders brought the house down with Hillsong’s rendition of “Jesus Loves Me”. Is there anything more moving than to see and hear the praises of our kids being sung to the risen Savior? Child-like faith. Gotta have it.

I had the opportunity to help out in the nursery during second service so I missed Steve’s message. I heard it was great!

David, Milly and band ended Easter morning’s set with my favorite corporate song ever — “Shout Unto God!”

Yes, indeed. The enemy HAS been defeated and death COULDN’T hold Jesus down. These facts are true every day. Let the celebration continue!

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