That’s when our new journey through a selection of psalms gets underway for the “Women in the Word” study on Tuesday nights. I can’t wait!

In my last posting, I mentioned the need for going back to the basics. Let it begin with prayer.

In recent weeks, I’ve sensed the Lord inviting me to a different place in my prayer life. Although I’m unsure of how that will flesh out right now, I know it will be a place requiring more time… more sacrifice… much more of Him… and much less of me.

I accept the invitation.

Some specific areas I’m praying for the Tuesday night group include:

  • fresh insight into the heart of the psalmist, and more importantly, into the heart of the Composer Himself.
  • for our hearts to be prepared – tilled up, ready to receive God’s Word and His specific purposes for each of us.
  • that His Word and purposes will take hold of our hearts and minds and grow deeply, resulting in action which will bring abundant fruit for the Kingdom and abundant living for today.
  • creativity – remaining sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading as I prepare the lessons each week. I’m so glad He IS the true Teacher!

I would appreciate your prayers as well. 🙂

Women will be attending from different churches, backgrounds, and spiritual journeys — but all with one purpose: to learn the Word of God for themselves in order to know (by experience) their heavenly Father.

An answer to prayer.

Thank You, Lord.

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