• The kids are back from their honeymoon. Loved Disneyworld! 
  • Brian became a paint-meister. He transformed our former Bungalow Gold music room into my new Shabby Chic Dover White library/reading room. The music room has now moved upstairs and has taken on a new Clay Ridge hue. 
  • My best friend’s son was married yesterday. It was a wonderful wedding and reception. An 18 year friendship and our boys end up marrying one week apart… in December! 
  • I have a fresh appreciation for friendships. Several families from Temple Baptist and CrossRoads attended both weddings/receptions. Two Saturdays… back-to-back in December… one week prior to Christmas.  Priceless.
  • We have a few decorations up. Normally, we have our fake-o tree set up in the den with the family ornaments and our allergy-laden tree set up in the hallway with my vintage Shiny Brites. Because we used the fake-o tree at the reception, we only set up the real tree, along with the the stair rail greenery/lights. Simplicity at its best. 
  • There are no wrapped gifts under the tree… yet. Let’s just say it won’t take long to wrap this year’s gifts. ha!  
  • We’re still hoping for a white Christmas. Our spiral ham is in the fridge. Need I say more?
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