On the way to church this morning, I passed my best friend going the opposite direction. She, to her church. Me, to mine.

Outwardly, I smiled as I was reminded of how God was using us both for His glory in our “new” places of worship. It still feels new because she and I had worshipped and served together for almost 20 years up until last Spring. I think our separate church experiences will feel new for quite awhile in that sense.

Inwardly, I was a little sad. I miss worshipping with her (and her family). I miss serving alongside her. I miss catching up with her on Sunday mornings. I miss a lot of things where she is concerned.

While our cars may have been heading in opposite directions this morning, I am confident that our hearts and our purposes will always move towards the same destination — wherever God wants us to be — together or not.

Now that makes me smile… both inwardly AND outwardly. 🙂

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