Because we left Friday morning, we were able to enjoy a leisurely drive to our weekend destination: Lake Lure, NC.

Along the way, we passed a sign for “Campbell’s Covered Bridge”. Although it wasn’t the first time we’d passed the sign, it was the first time we actually pulled off the beaten path to learn more about this bridge built in 1909. We were told it’s the only covered bridge still standing in SC — and it was well worth the stop.

From there, we headed to one of our favorite cafes in the beautiful downtown Tryon area and then on to a book sale at their local Library. It’s easy to see why so many venture to these little towns for retirement.

On Saturday, after what Sarah and I understood to be a fun game of golf (according to Brian and Zach), we headed to the La Strada restaurant, where we were able to enjoy our meal on the covered balcony with this amazing view:

Later in the day, the four of us boarded one of the Lake Lure tour boats. While I’m a huge fan of looking out onto the water, I’m not necessarily a fan of floating on top of it, so it didn’t help when Zach began singing the Gilligan’s Island theme song. Thankfully, ours was only a one-hour, not a three-hour, tour.

First up, the Dirty Dancing location. Check out the steep flight of stairs located behind the boat house. It’s the same flight that Baby took while holding the watermelon!

A simple but beautiful scene.

Now, if given the choice, which of the two lake homes below would you choose?


Without hesitation, I gravitate towards the quaint green cottage with the white trim quietly tucked in a shaded cove. It’s not so much that it was the first house built on the lake, but rather, how it was built that sparks my interest. As the story goes, back in the early 1920’s, a gentleman heard that the lake would soon be constructed, so he purchased the lot knowing he would one day own lake front property. What he didn’t know, however, was that there wouldn’t be a road cut directly to his property, preventing a lumber truck from delivering to his site… but that did not deter him. He filled his rowboat with lumber, along with all the necessary supplies, and rowed back and forth across the lake until his little cottage was completed. (Brian thinks the tour guide said it took ten years for him to complete the construction.) And by the way, did I mention his age at the time of construction? He was 70 years old.

As if that’s not reason enough to love this cozy little place, my main reason for doing so is the pure dreamy potential. Come on, dream with me! Imagine curling up on a comfy tartan couch with a steamy hot cup of coffee in hand, a good book and your favorite writing pad within arms reach, and gazing out on this every morning…

A wonderful family, lots of laughter, breathtaking views of God’s creation, time to dream, and time to simply kick back and enjoy life — our weekend getaway.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above,
coming down from the Father
of the heavenly lights…” James 1:17

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