A year or two ago we purchased this couch:

It fit our old house perfectly with the early 1900’s wooden frame coming from Charleston and the woman rebuilding and recovering it without using horse hair (a common early 1900’s cushion stuffer – one which wreaks havoc with people who suffer from allergies). It looked great, but even I’ll admit it was not the most comfortable of couches – especially for a room where everyone hangs out and watches TV.

Several years ago we owned a couch with recliners on each end and Brian absolutely loved it. And he reminded me of it often. 🙂 A few nights ago it occurred to me that we could sell the old couch and purchase a new one with the money. I was finally ready to give up the “look” in place of comfort.

That same night, I breezed through Craig’s List and found an ad that had just been placed for a new (still with tags on) weathered leather type sofa with recliners on both ends for an absolute STEAL. I knew it was meant to be when I called the guy and asked if it came from a non-smoking home. We are both allergic to smoke! Brian ran over after work to pick up his sweet little comfortable deal and has been happy ever since.

There’s no denying it — pulling that little lever on the side of the couch brings comfort to us both, so… it’s out with the old and in with the new. Literally.

Welcome, comfort!

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