A Sensory-Based Guide for Your Trip to the Mountains

Because Mountain-Top Experiences Don’t Have to Stay in the Mountains…

If you long to engage the presence of God in fresh, creative ways while on vacation, “Pauses for the Vacationing Soul” is for you.

This one-week devotion guide is specifically designed for your mountain vacation, whether you’re escaping to enjoy alone time, a weekend getaway with the girlfriends, or sharing your vacation with the entire family. Cathy Baker encourages you to embrace all God has for your vacation by focusing on Him through what you see, taste, smell, touch, and hear.

Download “Pauses for the Vacationing Soul” today because mountain-top experiences don’t have to stay in the mountains.

I was delighted when Cathy asked me to write the foreword for her newest Pauses devotional. For me, Cathy has always been a spiritual giant. Her foundational insight and application of the Word bring light to the dark places in our lives. Yet she shares God’s truth with gentle joy. I can understand why people flock to sit under her teaching—me included. Now I get to share her with you.

Pauses for the Vacationing Soul: A Sensory Based Devotional Guide for the Mountains strikes a chord deep within my soul. I love vacationing in different locales, but the mountains are where I flee for solace when the world presses in. Just like Cathy, I’m never without my journal and my camera as I try to capture the peaceful essence of God’s creation and bring it home with me.

Through this book, Cathy weaves a meditative journey that will enhance anyone’s trip. Her introduction of God’s Word brings the majesty of His mountains to life through a biblical perspective. Her insight on how to apply the verses she shares is life changing. But what I like best are her observations of who God is.

Each day, this devotional leads us to ponder one of God’s attributes in the context of His mountains. Along with prayers and gentle suggestions of things to do to enhance your intimacy with God and His creation, she weaves her own stories and personal observations.

This gem of a book is one that will become dog-eared with loving use. I know I’ll never again travel up the mountain without it by my side.

Edie Melson

Award-Winning Author of While My Child Is Away, Prayers for When We’re Apart, and While My Soldier Serves: Prayers for Those With Loved Ones in the Military

A new resource for your vacation toolbox! Author Cathy Baker has given us an invaluable gift with this small book as she provides a guided devotional with travelers in mind. Her gentle wisdom and encouragement will help us all slow down and enjoy the moment while always aware of the One who created the beauty around us. Definitely a book (and a series) I put on my must-have packing list for every trip I take!

Verified Amazon Reviewer

This author has a fresh, vibrant, and growing relationship with God and it shines in her writing. I am drawn to her almost magical use of language as she encourages readers to step into deeper waters with Christ by using the senses. I loved the beach version of Pauses for the Vacationing Soul and was thrilled to see this edition. Ms. Baker’s journey into her majestic mountains will leave you breathless and reaching for the heart of God. A great resource for personal quiet time or to share with family.

L. Thomas

Cathy Baker invites us to hop into the back seat of her imaginary Buick and go along with her on a vacation to the mountains where she opens our eyes and ears not only to the sound of wind in the pines, but to the spirit of God on the breeze. Pauses for the Vacationing Soul is a lovely devotional, rich with imagery and gentle reminders of both the creation and the Creator.

Marcia L. Moston

Asking God for help isn’t a sign of weakness, but rather a mark of wisdom.

As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the LORD surrounds His people both now and forever more. Psalm 125:2

The mountains have played an integral part in Your story, God. And in mine.

Restoring lives is God’s love language.

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” John Muir

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It’s Launch Day for My New Mountains Devotional Guide + Giveaway!

It’s Launch Day for My New Mountains Devotional Guide + Giveaway!

When we set out to live closer to the mountains last year, there was no way to know that the launch day for my second book, Pauses for the Vacationing Soul: A Sensory-Based Devotional Guide for the Mountains would land on the anniversary of our closing date. But in retrospect, it seems fitting. Turns out, both are in the habit of making dreams...

Cathy Baker

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