Or should I say the desire for perfection can paralyze?

I didn’t realize just how much until I heard one of the guests on Hoarders say that if he couldn’t have things organized perfectly that he lacked the motivation to even begin the process. It was a “scary” moment for me in the sense that I could even relate to the thinking process of a hoarder, but also freeing in knowing exactly what had kept me paralyzed for years in getting my house as organized as I’d like. Other areas of my life are almost too organized (if that’s possible), but when it comes to the house, it’s always fallen towards the bottom of my priority list.

With this in mind, Brian and I decided to tackle our back porch over the weekend. When you live in an almost one-hundred-year old home there are ALWAYS projects to do — but never enough time or money to do them quickly or completely. Over time, we had collected “to do” projects on the back porch. But no more! We purchased two slim-line outdoor storage units that fit neatly on the porch. We then removed everything, power washed the siding and floor, and simply refused to put anything back on the porch that didn’t belong there. Brian took a load of would-be projects to the dumpster and we now have a new porch to show for it!

Now, I am in the process of walking through every room in the house jotting down ideas on ways to make our projects “doable” — not perfect. 🙂

On a different note, we had an awesome C4 group today! There’s a good possibility that we will be able to move in to a larger classroom which actually used to be part of the old balcony in the former sanctuary. It’s newly renovated with fresh carpet, a warm paint color, and stadium seating to boot! The only thing it lacks is a mega white board. We should know for sure this week whether or not we’ll be able to move to this new location. If that’s where the Lord wants us, that’s where we’ll be!

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