When I woke up earlier than expected this morning, I headed to the den to get a little last minute studying done on tomorrow’s lesson.
Picture it.

  • Brian is still sleeping… so it’s quiet throughout the house.
  • The only sounds to be heard? Ice dripping from the rooftop and light classical music playing ever so softly in the background.
  • Gas logs aglow.
  • Coffee in hand.
  • Pot roast, carrots, and potatoes cooking in the crock-pot since last night.

As the day progressed, we were able to get some things done around the house and in our “new” rooms.
Picture it.

  • Brian taking tote after tote of books from the upstairs bookshelves to the new downstairs 9′ shelves he installed a few weeks back. He loaded and I unloaded. We still have a ways to go in organizing everything on the shelves, but it’s great having them all in one convenient place.
  • I brought the fire-engine red Kitchen-aid mixer out of hiding and made a pound cake! I was pretty delighted with the outcome (and so was Brian). 🙂
  • Brian experienced a second Christmas when the mail wo-man arrived. She delivered TWO things he had been waiting on — the needle he ordered for his birthday and YES CD’s he purchased for a bargain on Ebay. Stick a fork in him. He was done for the day.

I just heard a little while ago that all services at FBC have been canceled for tomorrow.
Picture it.

  • I’m smiling! Of course I will miss teaching, learning, and worshipping corporately — but I have no qualms about sharing that I will enjoy the day the Lord has made, whether enclosed by four particular walls or not. It will be a wonderful day of rest.
  • Me turning off the computer and returning to the den where the gas logs, pound cake, and Rupert await. So where’s Brian? Upstairs — enjoying his music. Gotta love it!

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