A Simple Act of Kindness

A simple act of kindness can stop a million tears.
A little hug
can give so much joy.
A letter now and then to someone
can save so many wasted years.
We should hold every moment precious
and help as many as we can
with a simple act of kindness
every now and then.
The world would be a better place
if we all cared a little more.
Imagine how many smiling faces
would greet us at the door
if we extended that helping hand
with a simple act of kindness
that could spread across many lands.


Love is laced with wondrous discoveries of God’s handiwork. Consider the people in your life—especially those you don’t naturally connect with or who intimidate you. Go out of your way to express kindness to that person today. Demonstrate God’s goodness and love in a practical, tangible way. Reflect on how your actions affect your attitude with this person and celebrate the wonder of relationship.

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