Our Tuesday night study on selected psalms is just around the corner! I think we’ll have a great turnout based on the feedback so far — but there’s always room for more if you’re reading this and interested in attending. It sounds like we’ll also have several new faces joining us this time, so if you’ve never attended before, please feel welcomed… because you are!

One friend emailed a few minutes ago to say that due to her work schedule she wouldn’t be able to attend this study BUT she would be a “prayer partner on Tuesday nights for all you guys digging in the Word”. That’s priceless! Could there be any greater contribution to a study than lifting the group up in prayer, even though she cannot physically be present? Just knowing someone will be praying during that time lights my fire!

I thank God for the women He has allowed to cross my path over the years. Although I’m an “only”, I feel surrounded by “sisters” who love me and who especially love their God and His Word.

I couldn’t go to bed tonight without first thanking Him for this wonderful blessing!

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