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One more day till Thanksgiving. 

Some will be traveling to see loved ones while others stay home. No doubt it will be a busy day wherever we are, but can you spare 10 minutes?

It’s cold here in SC and chances are it’s cold where you are too, so bundle up and let’s take a quick but meaningful stroll through our neighborhood. I don’t live in a ‘hood so I plan to drive to one close-by. We may only make it up one street and back in our ten minutes. That’s okay.

As we walk past homes, let’s join in praying for the families who may be gathering there during this holiday season. Some ways we could possibly pray: 

  • A spirit of thankfulness would fill the home — for God, family, those serving in the military, etc.
  • For those who lost a loved one this year — that Christ would fill that emptiness in such a way that His presence cannot be denied. 
  • For hurts to heal and forgiveness to reign. 
  • For those without families, to be visited and loved. 

If you’re traveling today, pray for those passing by your window. Ten minutes (or any amount!) of intentional prayer—whenever and wherever—can upend lives to the glory of God!  

I’d love to hear specific ways you’ve prayed for strangers in the past and perhaps ways you plan to pray for them this year. 

To God be the glory!

Worship is…
our response,
both personal and corporate,
to God –
for who He is! And what He has done, expressed in and by the things we say
and the way we live.
-Louie Giglio

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